The auction truck topper floorplans options include either a short box or a long box.  A long box topper features standard dimensions to fit on a long bed truck with an approximate length of 8′.   While the short box topper features standard dimensions to fit on a short bed truck measure an approximate length of 6 1/2′.    Both sized toppers include side slider windows as a standard item.  But flip up windows remain a high value option.  Importantly, the auction truck topper with the full slide-in floor, builds square to fit onto different model trucks.

Sizing of Auction Truck Topper Floorplans

Most new truck include beds which are not built square.  The bed rails may be at a different height from front to rear.  Also, the bed width may vary from side to side.  With the side of the bed wider at the rear than at the front of the bed.  Consequently, the topper allows space between the stop of the truck rails and the bottom of the topper.  This additional space allows for the truck auction truck topper floor plan to be loaded on to different model trucks. Additionally, while not shown here, the cab over designed topper remains offered for sale in both lengths of auction truck toppers.  All of the optional features available on a flat front topper remain available on the cab over models.

Again, important to note, while the topper offers a square design, most truck beds remain out of square.  Additionally, both the front and rear of the topper offers travel space when loaded.  Also, extra space remains over the truck bed rails when the topper is loaded.  This extra space allows both room for the unlevel bed rail and space for camper loading jacks to be used.  A request will be made to confirm the measurements of your truck bed.  Finally, important to note, a 1/2 ton truck is the minimum size truck to be used for the topper.  If your interest is in a specialty trailer see more at link.

Long Bed Truck Topper 

Auction Truck TOPPER long bed lit-Model_c

Short Bed Truck Topper