Auction Truck Topper Photos

Firstly, this collection of auction truck topper photos is a sampling of the variety of truck topper exteriors and interiors.  Of course, photographs include the long box photo of the auction truck topper full slide in floor model.   Also, the short box auction truck topper will fit on a truck bed that is approximately 6 1/2 ft long.  And the long box will fit on a truck bed that is approximately 8 feet long.  Also, there are photos of specialty auction toppers that are 10 feet long and extend onto the tail gate of the truck.

Advertise with Your Truck Topper Photos

Similarly, to a Kuntry Kustom auction trailer, the auction truck sound box becomes a mobile billboard when professional auctioneer adds their branding graphics to the exterior.  Firstly, see auction truck toppers images with full wraps of graphics used to promote auction business and increase market share.  Additionally, there are auction truck topper photos of toppers advertising with a professional auctioneers’ name and address to promote their business.  Generally, professional auctioneers use their Kuntry Kustom auction truck toppers as a powerful tool at the auction as well as a powerful advertising platform to increase public awareness and create more auction business.   Custom trailers can be found at this link.

Auction Truck Topper Standard Profile Photo

Importantly, standard auction truck toppers – photos show a flat front profile.  Also, this profile allows for a window to be installed to with a cover or as a flip up.   Additionally, there are side slider windows standard on the sides of Kuntry Kustom Auction Truck Toppers.  Finally, there are flip up windows available as an option.

Auction Truck Topper Cab Over Profile Photo

Importantly, this Kuntry Kustom Auction Truck Topper shows a cab over front profile (optional).  Certainly, this profile allows for storage area in the truck topper over the truck.   Additionally, while cab over does limit the view forward over the truck, it allows for documents or equipment to be stored.  As seen, a cab pass through window is standard below the cab over version of this Auction Truck Topper.   Also, when the truck also has an opening window, this allows paperwork or directions to be easily communicated to the truck driver.

Auction Truck Toppers – photos of the original topper production line from 2003.

Auction Truck Toppers production line in order