Cashier Trailers Factory Built Offered for Sale

Kuntry Kustom cashier trailers for sale and clerking trailers incorporate a manufacturing process that begins with a frame in our custom manufacturing facility. Subsequently, our quality auction trailers offer a wide variety of options. For example, features include high value items such as thermostat-controlled heaters, air conditioning, private office cabinets and additional storage cabinets.

Every auction trailer offered for sale include the individual auctioneer’s desired options.  Certainly, cashier trailer floor plans include lengths from 12 feet to over 40 feet.CASHIER TRAILERS FOR SALE  Therefore, the cashier trailer feature build lengths that meets the auctioneer’s needs.  Each clerking trailer order results in a custom-built trailer. Indeed, clerking trailers include many standard construction items such as one-piece gel-coat exterior sheathing and an all-weather rolled roof membrane.  Additionally, other popular components of the auction office trailers include standard hardwood cabinets, heavy duty steel frame chassis, and radial tires. Rather than a flat front trailer, Kuntry Kustom offers on some models an aerodynamic clerking trailer front profile. Consequently, this profile makes the trailer easier to pull.   While there are standard floor plans, we recommend you contact one of our product managers who will work with you to create a great office trailer to suit your needs.

Our Story of Building Cashier Trailers offered for Sale

Almost 20 years ago, Kuntry Kustom RV began with a single request from a professional auctioneer to have a clerking trailer custom built for him. From that first relationship and trailer, a company began with a focus on providing the highest quality equipment for auctioneers. Kuntry Kustom’s original owner gathered and built that first order. At that time, he had over 40 years’ experience with the top RV and trailer manufacturers in the industry. All these years later, that same founder still owns and runs the company. Consequently, the company’s sales volume reaches thousands of trailers produced for satisfied customers all around the United States and the world.

For Your Needs Other Cashier Trailers for Sale

Above all, Kuntry Kustom’s mission is to build the industry’s best value in auction trailers and auction truck toppers.  Each trailer is produced down a modern assembly line with stations of seasoned professional employees.  As soon as possible, contact one of our product managers who will work with you to determine your wants and needs.  Finally, this information will then be used to design an auction trailer or auction topper that incorporates the features that fit your needs. Just a note that other types of special trailers can be found at this link.


Firstly, a large list of standard cashier trailer features for sale includes features to include efficiency, production and comfort.

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Second, sample the pictures from some of the standard and custom auction trailer models for sale including both interior and exterior cashier trailer photos.

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Finally, standard auction trailer floor plans include lengths of 12′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ with optional restrooms, storage rooms and customer walk-ins.

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