Auction Truck Toppers Features

Importantly, auction truck toppers features are available in a variety of different configurations.  Kuntry Kustom RV’s standard Auction Truck Topper has a flat front profile with a standard window to allow a view of the auction crowd or the next items coming up for bid.

Auctioneers can choose another configuration by optioning for an auction truck topper with a cab-over design.  This allows a storage area for paperwork or business tools.  It also gives professional auctioneers extra storage space in their auction truck toppers for things like monitoring systems and wifi equipment for the internet broadcasting of their auctions.  Additionally, auction truck toppers key features include wide side windows for crowd viewing and belly cut outs in the side mounted counter tops.  Finally, auction truck toppers key features are the LED low amp use lighting which connects to the battery on the truck.


Most importantly, exterior High Gloss Gelcoat Walls.
Also, Fully Insulated Walls of truck topper.AUCTION TRUCK TOPPERS FEATURES
Fully Insulated Ceiling
2 Large Sight Windows on rear of auction topper
Sliding Passport cab windows
Lightly colored interior paneling
Double Side Sliding Windows
I12 Volt lights in auction truck topper
Additionally, belly Cut outs in countertop both sides.
Exterior crowd light -One each side of topper
Amplifier with double microphone hookup.
Coupled with, speakers switched from side to side of topper.

Diamond plate roof guard on front of auction topper


Firstly, Long Box topper to fit 8’ truck bed.
Cab-Over on front of auction topper
Truck topper key features 12 Volt Roof Vent
Front flip-up window on topper
Overhead cabinet at front or sides of topper
12 volt oscillating fan
Truck Mounting brackets to fasten down topper
Exterior Led Clearance lights
Forklift Tubes on bottom of full slide in floor topper
Finally, padded Countertops per side.


Another key feature of the truck topper is the pass-through window which allows directions and documents can be given to a driver.  Especially, a key feature of the auction topper is the tie down access door which allows the topper to be chained to the corners of the truck bed.  Another key feature of the truck topper is the crowd light located on both sides of the topper.  Another key feature of the truck topper is the LED interior and exterior lighting. Never have to change a light bulb.