Auction Truck Toppers – Sale

Auction Truck Toppers – Sale – Built with standard dimensions as either a short box or a long box.  When loaded onto the bed of a truck the auction truck toppers become mobile offices.  The auction truck toppers are often used as sound trucks. They usually include built-in exterior speakers along with a microphone and amplifier. A short box auction truck topper will fit on a truck that is approximately 6 1/2 ft in length.  The long box auction topper will fit on a truck bed of approximately 8 feet in length.  Additional options include side sliding windows or flip-up windows. Professional auctioneers also choose between a flat front profile or a cab over design.

Kuntry Kustom Auction Truck Toppers – Sale  – Built one at a time on a modern production assembly line.  With hundreds of auction truck toppers sold over the last 15 years of production, Kuntry Kustom has established their auction truck toppers as an indispensable tool for the professional auctioneer.  Typically used for on-site auctioning, the auction truck toppers have working space for the auctioneer and at least one clerk to manage the public auction.  You can view more features, floor plans and photos on the web site with the links below.

auction truck toppers - sale floor plan link


The standard auction topper for sale floor plan has a full slide in floor and is built for a short box truck.  Along with the short box a  long box truck topper (for an eight foot bed) is also offered.  See more…


auction truck toppers - sale key features link


The auction truck toppers for sale include as a standard feature: the large side slider windows. Additionally, a selection of optional truck topper key features allow for the customization of the sound auction truck topper.  See more..


auction truck toppers - sale key features link photo link


The truck topper for sale photos include both the standard features and the unique menu of options.  Many of the pictures are of unusual sizes or non standard options on the auction truck topper.  See more..